Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well it's wednesday and I am off work :) I actaully will be off work all week....its sooo great, however i have to go to the doctor on friday UGH.

Today I'm gonna be leaving to head to good ole Berea, i havenet been there in a while, but my bro gonna get his hair cut and maybe i can get mine trimmed too :) I belive we will be having lunch with my grandmother. Which to mention this will be the first time that i get to join them on there lil encounter. See every time my brother goes to get his hair cut they always have this amazing time...with out

Soooo I got a new bike and love it....right now its all in different parts. My other brother Matt is taking it to get my new rimmed put on in lex today> Him and my brother Zac took my chain off and now i gotta soak it and clean it will be all good and everyone can stop OH and my helmet comes in TODAY...any min. Buy Thursday and friday every thing should be done and my bike ready to go.

Well i need to get ready zac will be here in bout 15!!



Anonymous said...

Glad you are blogging again.You will have to mobile up load some photos.
Glad your getting your bike fixed.

Anonymous said...

need a post here,hello;)

Anonymous said...

need a post for the new year