Tuesday, April 29, 2008


HEY HEY HEY everyone...so i just got out of my MOT class today and it was FREZZING i literaly couldnt feel my fingers. James, as sweet as he is, took me to class today which was awesome bc then i hoped right n the warm car! But anyways so this thursday is the end of all my classes, next tuesday i have to turn in my final paper for ENG and then take my MOT final which im very very nervous about. Im so scared that im gonna mess it up and then if i dont pass the coarse test then its like taking the class for nothing. So everyone be praying that i can just be calm and remeber everything to do and do it RIGHT and Smooth. SO then on thursday i have to take me SOC final which is at 10am YUCK, lol!! Thats early for me haha!! But i fiurged it out and i have to at least make a 75 or higher to get a B in the class which i really should be getting bc i love that class and have done really good in it!! But after that IM ALL DONE for the summer!! oh yea.

This summer i had planned on babysitting but know im working with my daddy which will be fun but hopefully the income will be steady enough bc he owns his own water proffing company and so its an on and off kinda thing.. but it should be good i think im goona apply at some local banks to though. Well i gotta go finish up on some home work...LATER!! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

only 1 more day!!!

Well its getting that time of the year and school is almost out!! I only have one more regular day of all my classes left and that thursday. NExt week i only have 2 of my classes and then that its for me. After next week all i have to do is my finals on Tuesday the 6th, i believe, and then im OUT FOR THE SUMMER!!! oh yeah......i plan on having some fun this summer...well at least till middle of June bc then i am going to be working mon-fri 9-6. I babysit 2 girls and they are the best ever....i wathced them all summer last yr and i absolutly adore them!!! they even took me on vacation with them to California....i got to shop on rodeo drive and evrything..it was def the hightlight of my year.

I absolutly LOVE this sunny weather my boyfriend and i go to the park just bout everytime it pretty...last time we played ball, swun on the swings....that was the best haha i felt like a lil kid agian, it was soo cute. and then we just sat by the water and relaxed. I have soo much fun with him.

So everyone be praying for me i have to write a 7-10 pg paper that is due thursday and i really havent started on it yet...im a procrastinator!! Well c im redoing one of my papers that i have done before and then adding lots more to it so its not as bad as it may seem but its still gonna take me like ALL day and night to do it....it will be all good tho. Well i really gotta go bc i gotta go look up my books that i need for this paper in the libarary. Which im so proud of my self for doing bc at school its a MASSIVE library and i have no clue where n e things is and i never check out books but today i actually looked my book up and found it all by my slef it was a very good feeling, lol!!! Well LATER!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


So its been a long time since i have actually got to blog.  My internet has been down so I'm at this wonderful place called MY Time in richmond. Its a coffee shop and they have free internet here. I absolutely love this place. But anyways so this week had been really trying and stressful. I have been requested to  tell my experience that happened on this past Monday.  So here it is...

So i was out riding the motorcycle with my mother on this pretty day and we had to go to meet Scott at his work to take him some money, Well i have been learning how to ride a motorcycle this past couple weeks and have been really getting the hang of it so i thought what the heck ill take my mother 1300 around the block and thought it would be fun.  So i go to get on the bike and i take off (i don't even pop the clutch) well i go to turn in the and my hand gets stuck on the throttle palm that mother has on her bike. Then im use of just tapping down my foot to hit the rear break well i tapped down and it wasnt there...i couldnt find it...so i freaked but i did pull in the clutch so that made it slow down lil but i went out of control and reckes right in between a car and a tree.. luckly i dint hit either one. But the bike landed on my right leg and so i had to like throw the bike off of it. At first i thought i had broke my lef bc i couldnt move it. Lucky that was the only thing that was hurt. My leg was really reall swollen and everday it get worse and wrose looking. i have brusing all over my leg...its black, green, purple, pink... the whole rainbow on my leg. lol!! BUt i gotta go schedlue my classes for next semseters college so tlk to you all hopefully sooner thatn later this time....PEACE!!