Friday, March 7, 2008

Held off Just in Time!

Well tonite was fun the snow/hail held off just in time for us to go out to eat some Italian food and to go see a movie in richmond afterwards. ALthough it would of been better if my grandma could of came, i heard that she is feeling better though so thats great to hear, we also had a unplanned visor that decided to have a lil fun with us, Scott, my step-dad, decided to open up his arms and fl a lil, see he is a real hoe body, so it took alot to get him to come out with us, but im glad that he made it!

Our nite first consisted of eat out and then off to the Richmond mall for a movie...however we were planning on watching Vantage Point but instead we ended up buying tickets for Semi Pro (this was planned tho) But anyways we got there 30 min early for that movie so we decided to go around and look at the stores. Zac, James, Mom and I all went into Dicks. Zac, the biggeste hat lover i know, along with James of coarse went straight to the huge wall of all these different types of hats......and well lets just say we all had some fun over there...things got a lil out of hand, lol! As you can see from the pictures above we were all trying on all types of hats and a really thuggin them all out :) We had so much fun last nite, evryone ended up staying at my house afterwards for a bog slumber party, lol, it was pretty amazing and in the morning im gonna make some breakfast for everyone....i sure hope they will enjoy it. Ill let yall know how it goes. LATER ;)


Anonymous said...

We did miss mom (grandma) bunches. But had a good time. I told James be careful getting in front of that camera especially grandmas, because you will end up on a blog.I see you are taken after grandma.
I owe you one Meg!
Family night is fun and an important part of my life.
I'm glad God held the weather out for us.
And thanks Zac for treating us to the movies.

Where is James's gangster picture. He needs a little abuse too! don't leave him out. He
s already got you whipped lol

Sandy said...

Ah.... :(
I missed out on all the fun including a slumber party. I already saw all these pics on your Myspace page earlier today, but they're still great wherever they're posted. I'm glad that all of you had fun, even though it was without me.
And yea...where is that picture of James? He better get used to being on display if he's going to be a part of family night, hehehe.

ICECAZ Productions said...

It was hibbits not Dicks. I know what you got on the brain, haha just kiding,