Monday, March 10, 2008

Something Old but Something New

Well today is the first day of my college spring break. i have always been use to having a spring break from elementary, middle and high school, but this is my first college spring break. Its kinda different and i don't know really know if i like it or not because its so early in the year and its not very warm out side when you all stuck at home, like every other spring break....i NEVER get to do anything for spring break! Well at least this year i have a boyfriend that i get to hang out and be goofy with lol! While all my other friends head off to Texas and Florida. But im am planning on going to Tenn this weekend for a church trip, we usually always have a blast but im not sure im a felling it this year yet. But thats besides the point im just gonna have to get over all this stupid drama that there is and make the best of it. Plus i know that God is going to rain down his glory and power BIG time. He always takes care of his children. Well im off to get ready for the day, lets see how this first one goes. LATER ;)

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Anonymous said...

I'd rather stay home with a new cute boyfriend anyday instead of going somewhere ,texas ain't got nothing on James.

Your in for a powerful time with God this weekend, cuz the devil's working overtime to get you to miss it. Can anyone say "Holy Ghost power and anointing!"