Thursday, March 13, 2008

Uno More Day!

Well as some of you may know bright and early 2 morrow morning i will be heading off to TN for Church of God Youth Group Trip to Winterfest. This will be my 3rd time attending and maybe be my last...i don't that really up to what God has in store for me! 

So My Best Friend (Brittany), Karrianne, Brittany C, and me are all rooming together. We DEF have the BEST room ever. Brittany and I went and bought lots of snacks yesterday for our hotel room and drive down there. YUMM YUMM!! Everything from sweet, sour, crunchy, chewy, and then theres always the GREAT Diet Dr. Pepper, lol!! Well i ask that everyoene pray for our safety and pray that God's presence would flow through the TN arena (where TN university plays bb) and that many would be healed, saved, forgiven, set free, and on fire for HIM. I will be coming back sunday nite so ill be missing everyone but i know good things are a coming. 

Stay tuned for my returning for all the exciting stories that i will have to share! LATER ;)


Sandy said...

Your trip is going to be a blast and you're going to have lots of fun with your friends. God is always watching over you, so you'll be fine...I am confident of that.

Love you and have fun.

Anonymous said...

I am exspecting great things to come to those of you hungry for more of God's power flowing through your life for the Glory of God!

Sandy said...

Sarah & Aaron also went to Winter Fest...did you see them?

ICECAZ Productions said...

Hey glad to here you had a great time at winter fest, can't wait to here all about it.

Sandy said...

How about telling us about your ride on Monday April 7th?